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Build a powerful Instagram presence, grow your following, high engagement rates, and sell more in 30 days!

Instagram client getting blueprint for fitness professionals!

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If you're tired of trading time for money...

Want to future and recession proof your fitness business...
And want to learn how to build a more profit rich online fitness coaching business with predictability and consistency which can make you an extra $1-2k/month and free up more time.

Become the go to authority in your niche and scoop up your fair share of dream clients...without cold outreach or spending a single cent on ads! 

A Message from Coach Eric on Why We Built this Fit Pro Kit for you...

The fitness industry has changed with all the gyms closing.

You the fit pro no longer can have an option to go online.

You must have an online component to your coaching business going forward.

Here's the kicker though.

I commend you for pivoting and doing online coaching via zoom.


This isn't a sustainable, profit rich, and scalable business model for you.

I hate to break it to you, but gyms wont be the same for a while.

And the new one to one in person training model has pivoted to zoom fitness coaching model.

When we did the bulk of our online fitness coaching from 2010-2018, not once did we do a zoom or skype session with thousands of clients we served. 

This allowed us to sustain a six figure online fitness coaching business. 

You may be saying, “Okay Eric, so what…” 

Hear me out. 

If you sit there and do in person private training sessions and/or online zoom private training sessions, this is a recipe for disaster. 

The business models are broken! 

So, you will run into the same issue with online zoom private training sessions just like in person training because you are trading time for money and cant scale that business model.

You need an online fitness coaching model that is more profitable, scalable, and frees up more of your time.

We understand times are tough.

A lot of uncertainty.


Money is tight.

That’s why we seriously priced this fit pro kit so low and made it super affordable.

Value packed.

And will flat out guarantee it will give you the tools you need to make $1-2k extra per month (even through a recession), get 10 hours of your time back, and grow your social media presence through our client-getting blueprint.

Normally this tool kit would be valued at $4,988...

But all we are asking you to invest in is a single payment of $27.

The truth is, Chris and I just want to help more fit pros.

That's our main mission right now in life.

To help fit pros rise up so they can create more income, impact, influence, and independence.

If you want to stop trading time for money, then seriously consider investing in our fit pro digital business kit.

And learn how to build a more profit rich online fitness coaching business with predictability and consistency which can make you an extra $1-2k/month & free up more time


-Coach Eric

Get out of the Broken-Old Model of Trading Time for Money and Learn how to make an extra $1-2k per month (even during a recession) in as little as 30 days!...

Imagine having one easy to implement business kit specifically designed for Fit Pros to add online fitness coaching?

Content and adding value is the name of the game these days in online fitness coaching.

The NEW in person training model [Zoom online fitness coaching] is zooming you away from having a real business. 

Hundreds to thousands of your potential clients are on Instagram.

So instead of coming up with content ideas on the fly... what if you had 365 days of content around health and wellness so you can post daily, put your content on auto pilot, create die hard fans, and find your 100 perfect people?

And instead of relying on Zoom... Picture having 20 of our TOP online coaching tips that helped us coach over a thousand clients with never having to do a single training session over zoom. This alone can have your online clients pay more, stay around longer, and refer you.

And instead of fumbling around trying to figure out Instagram from Google searching free advice... What if you learned the secrets behind creating valuable, intentional, relatable, and sharable content which will have your clients know, like, and trust you and eventually pay for your coaching services?

The Fit Pro Digital Business Kit Includes...

A Peak Inside a Fit Pro Experts Year-Long Social Media Content Calendar

Value $497

  • No Stress or Anxiety: Avoid the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of what to post on your social media account so you can deliver value and get more engagement.
  • ​Be More Intentional With Your Messaging: One of the most common mistakes is speaking to the masses rather than speaking to your target audience. Learn how to craft your message and be more intentional so you can attract more buyers and create more income.
  • Simplicity Is Key: Keep your content simple, consistent, and valuable by never running out of ideas and topics on what to post so you can be more efficient with your time and quality of your content.
  • We got to 40k followers on Instagram by showing up daily, being consistent, and delivering value with this social media calendar

The 20 Laws of Online Fitness Coaching Domination

Value $997

  • ​Learn To Build Relationships: With your clients by taking a general interest in their lives, interests, and hobbies so they become Life Time Valued Customers.
  • Focus On Delivering an Experience: Learn our top tips to deliver an amazing customer experience to your clients so they see the value in your coaching and refer you out to their friends, family, and peers. 
  • Clients Buy Coaches, Not Coaching: Our top coaching tips will help you understand the true art of coaching by always over delivering to your clients so they get the desires results they want
  • Dynamic Fit Pro, Juan Salgado, cleared six figures in less than a year using these online coaching tips because it led to his clients paying more, higher retention rates, and referrals

Instagram Client Getting Blueprint So You Can Become the Authority And Impact Millions of People Online

Value $1497

  • Earn People's Trust: By understanding how to turn a stranger, to a friend, to a buyer with your content strategy game so you can create more income, impact, influence, and independence. 
  • Become a Content Producer, Not Consumer: Avoid the common mistake of over consuming other people's content rather than mastering becoming a content producer to get people to know, like, and trust you.
  • Think Business Media, Not Social Media: Learn how to transform your social media platform and outlook to be a "Business Media" platform with Valuable, Intentional, Relatable, and Shareable content so you can dominate your niche and gain your 1,000 true fans.
  • This proven system has helped us attract our perfect customers and hundreds of our fit pro students. There's an intentional-strategical system on Instagram that needs to be followed so you can be the authority and impact millions.

Get 2-5 New Leads In As Little As 30 Days With Our Secret Lead Gen Funnel (seriously, we can't believe we're giving this away)

Value $1997

  • ​Create a Lead Generation Machine: As a Fit Pro you must create several lead generation machines so you can acquire new clients to keep a consistent cash flow in your business.
  • People Love Challenges: Learn our proven systems on how to create a successful 14 Day Challenge to generate new leads, not spend tons of money on ads, and over deliver so you can upsell them into your high ticket coaching programs.
  • Systems, Structures, Processes, and Deliverables: Let us eliminate the headache of having to re-invent the wheel on how to create a 14 day challenge by giving you access to all of our templates and how to run an awesome challenge so you can create more income, impact, influence, and independence in your online fitness coaching business. 
  • Dynamic Fit Pro student, Mike Robinson, got 62 leads off this challenge framework and made his first $5k in one month. This lead generation tactic is a proven system that's helped hundreds of our fit pros get their first 2-5 online clients and make an extra $1-2k per month in just 21 days.
How We've Built Multiple Six Figure Businesses and Been Around for 10 years
  • You are the expert, you know what your clients need... With everything in the fitness world being turned upside down, you don't have the time or the energy to sift through all the so called "experts" who want to give you advice on what they are doing to figure out a way to stay in business. We've been training solely "ONLINE" for over a decade and we want to give you the short cuts to the online fitness training business model.  
  • We don't just teach this stuff; we actually do it. We used this EXACT system for ourselves and our clients to increase their profitability. We are NOT just repeating what XYZ "top-secret" formula is being taught by the latest guru (insert gag reflex here).
  •  We've helped Fit Pros make LOTS of money. We've worked with hundreds and hundreds of Fitness Professionals and We've seen what works and what doesn't.
  • ​We are GOOD humans. One thing everyone tells us is "You two are so humble and nice". We get that from our mom and we get the work ethic and being relentless from our dad which unfortunately passed away when we were 18. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our Fit Pro Students and Integrity. 
  • ​We've created a dream life where we get to work (or play) when and where we want. We are living proof that it's 110% possible to have it all. And we want you to have that too.
What other people have been saying...

"Getting It Done" in 4 Steps

A Peak Inside a Fit Pro Experts Year-Long Social Media Content Calendar

The 20 Laws of Online Fitness Coaching Domination

Instagram Client Getting Blueprint So You Can Become the Authority And Impact Millions of People Online

Get 2-5 New Leads In As Little As 30 Days With Our Secret Lead Gen Funnel and make an extra $1-2k per month

LOCK IN THIS GREAT PRICE so you can learn how to build a more profit rich online fitness coaching business with predictability and consistency which can make you an extra $1-2k/month & free up more time.

 It's time to pivot! You owe it to yourself to have a profitable and sustainable business model that will allow you to serve more people at the highest level, make more money, and have you create the life you want to live.

We know templates don't make a business... Relationships with your training audience does. That's why we designed and based our Digital Fit Pro Business Kit to help you create more income, influence, impact, and independence.

We want to prioritize nurturing, ongoing relationships instead of creating one time sales.

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We know it is our job to earn your trust. We are so confident you'll get so much value from your $27 investment that we offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee

With no strings attached you have the ability to literally try out our program risk free!

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