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 In this 5-day challenge… 

Twins reveal how to turn strangers online into your first or second online coaching client in as short as 5 hours

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and clueless on, 
how to find online coaching clients?

“It was so much easier to get clients in the gym. Right”

Why is the online game so difficult?

You might have tried…

Posting workout videos

Pictures of yourself

Inspiring quotes to get people to sign up for your coaching…

Have all the certifications in the world...
But it seems like everything you do is wrong…

No strangers (potential clients) ever engage with your stuff.

And the people who do engage are your fellow fitpro friends.

Yeah that’s nice…but they won’t pay your bills.

So how do you attract strangers online and
turn them into online coaching clients?  

Well think of it like this…

There are a few buttons you must activate inside 
a strangers mind to get them interested and wanting to buy your coaching.

It’s easier when you understand these basic components 
of online client attraction.  

And no, getting clients online doesn’t require you to be techy. Like other people have been shoving down your throat.

Or have to spend money on things like ads.

The shocking thing is that all client attraction strategies & tactics like creating lead magnets, application funnels, running ads, etc all require these basic components to work.

Think of them as the foundation to a house. 

Without it the house would come crashing down.

You might be thinking how do you guys 
know how to turn strangers into clients online? 

Who are we? 

We are Chris (left) & Eric (right) Martinez former online fitness coaches 
turned hybrid fitness business coaches.

With over 10 years in the trenches and growing and keeping our own fitness business over 6 figures consistently for 7+ years

We’ve tried and tested too many strategies and tactics that we can’t even keep count.

Some have failed miserably, while others have created out bank account breaking results.

When we looked back at the ones that failed miserably, they lacked these basic components. Without them…

Attracting clients online becomes impossible.

And what’s even more mind blowing is that you’ve never been taught these.
Certification and college programs never teach you the business side of fitness, especially how to market yourself.

Since these basic components have been the business life savers for us and all our high tier Dynamic Fit Pro coaching students.

Just the same way you would have a parachute when sky diving.

So how can you learn these basic components 
to turn strangers into clients?

We’ve put together a LIVE 5-day challenge to kickstart and put the power back in your hands to turn strangers into paying clients in as short as 5 hours.

Through daily live interactive lesson
Daily simple action steps
Daily unstuck (ask any questions and get them answered) sessions
And unlimited access to us inside our private group. Be mentored by us for the next 5 days.

A few weeks back Brian and many others went through the 5-day challenge.
When he joined, he had no past experience with getting clients online.

He was that new, it was actually his first-time using zoom.

Probably the same way you are.

He’s been in the fitness industry for 20 years and has seen a lot of things come and go but “this internet thing is a whole different animal” – said Brian.

As a coach in a gym for so long, you take on any and every client. 
From college dudes to seniors – he told us.

“Otherwise, I would just leave money on the table that I need to pay the bills…”

Until he found out on day 2 doing that online almost never works.

As he went through the challenge on day 3 he took a leap of faith.

One thing we preach a lot is to take imperfect action.

That's exactly what Brian did…

He didn’t wait to have the perfect plan before posting on social media.

He even mentioned on the call “you guys wouldn’t have approved 
the way I have done it”

He posted on his Instagram the way we showed him on Day Two.

Bear in mind this was the first time he’s posted this type of content.

Half an hour later one of his followers DM’ed him wanting his help.

This conversation goes on for 30-45 mins back and forth.

He was so shocked how someone got back to him so fast…

Never happened before. – he replied with a huge smile…

By the end of the 5 day challenge he... 
signed his first ever online coaching client for $650.

Here is what you will be learning inside each LIVE training

Day 1: How to finally kick out the evil little voices in your head holding you back from posting online using the Inspire Formula

Monday February 1st @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT): 

Day 2: Taking on any type of client like you did in the gym is fine, right? WRONG! It’s the faster way you kill your online coaching business in day 2 we will show you the 4P’s over failing in your first year.

Tuesday February 2nd @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT): 

Day 3: Why you should immediately stop selling the old way and why the “T” offer method allows you to comfortably sell high ticket programs ($1-3K) and have clients happily pay. 

Wednesday February 3rd @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT): 

Day 4: Still overthinking and worries on what to post online? We will show you how to eliminate that using the H.P.P.C post framework.

Gain confidence and direction of what you need to say in your videos or write in your social media captions to flip strangers into clients. In half the time.

Thursday February 4th @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT): 

Day 5: Uncovering SOX, the method that multiplies your clients, money, impact and grows your business by adding the systems that help you get more done without killing yourself working double the hours.

Friday February 5th @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT): 

Each LIVE lesson will be around an hour long.
In as fast as five hours you will have all the components you need to post on social media, attract strangers, and turn them into clients.

Once you uncover these powerful basic components you 
automatically rise above 90% of the fitpros online who 
still struggle to get any high-ticket clients.  

And what better way to learn than with unlimited access to us during the 5-day challenge and simple action steps each day that compound to your first or second online client.

Once you join the FREE 5-day challenge below you will be taken to a page for us to get to know you a bit about your situation to ultimately help you to our best ability.

Then you will receive an email and access to the private group where you can connect with all the other challenge participants.

Sign up below…

If you’re not ready to uncover the basics that 
real online coaching businesses must have to succeed.

Then you can continue playing the “hope” game of 
wishing things could just work out.

And wasting more than 5 hours in a single day trying to figure out what to do.

If you are the fitpro who wants to take control over your business, be able to dominate any platform and learn how to market yourself…

This challenge will give you the non-techy basic components 
that actually turns strangers into clients in as short as 5 hours.

The FREE challenge starts Feb 1st – Feb 5th.

This will be the only time we offer this challenge for FREE.
Once it’s over it will become a paid product.

Now if you want to take advantage of this challenge while its free…
You can sign up below with your name and email to be entered.

Let’s kickstart 2021 off with power and success and 
make this your best financial year so far.

If you’re ready and fired up the same way, we are while writing this. 

Sign up below and lets get you your first or second online coaching client.

Don't just take it from is what 
past students had to say...

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Online fitness coaches and aspiring online fitness coaches

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February 1st

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February 5th

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Yes, 100% Free

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How to get more online client leads and the art of marketing

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